Environmental Stewardship

Magellan operates in many communities worldwide, ranging from urban to suburban, as well as rural sites located away from major population centres. As individual employees, and as a corporation, we recognize our role as an environmental steward to protect the environment and engage our stakeholders in this effort.

Under the direction of Magellan’s Board of Directors, we maintain an ISO 14001 certification at all of our manufacturing sites. We have established an Environmental Council to promote collaboration between divisions, to provide a structure to focus environmental improvement efforts, and to effectively apply Magellan’s knowledge base for continual improvement of our environmental management system and the corporation’s overall environmental performance.

Our message is clear:
Environmental performance, at Magellan and in other areas of our lives,
makes a difference for everyone.

Environmental Policy

Our Stakeholders

Magellan is aware of the expectations of the public, our customers and our shareholders for sound environmental management. Our policies require management of environmental risk and the practice of due diligence in our operations, in meeting the needs of our customers, dealing with the supply chain, assessing new growth opportunities, communicating with our neighbours, and engaging our employees.

The fostering of environmental stewardship is visible in our emergency response teams which are staffed by employee volunteers at many of our divisions. On-site recycling events at Magellan have been successful and encourage employees to choose to be environmentally responsible at work and at home.

Our divisions protect the environmental interests of our wider community as well. We provide environmental mentorship and seek partnerships with local organizations to care for regional habitats, and we are collaborative in our initiatives to address global issues, such as climate change.

Environmental stewardship involves more than basic compliance to environmental laws. At Magellan, our action plans are designed for the long-term benefit of our business, our stakeholders, and the global community.

Our Environmental Performance

A major goal of Magellan is to eliminate waste from our manufacturing processes. This will reduce our impact on the environment, improve the efficiency of our operations, lower our energy demands, and reduce our costs. Replacement of processes with proven, environmentally-friendly technology has allowed us to transition from disposal of waste to prevention of waste. Our rigorous continuous improvement program is built on lean six-sigma and 5S principles and has resulted in the reduction of scrap and the elimination of inefficient processes.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

In 2008, Magellan established an environmental objective to reduce the corporation’s carbon footprint across our global operations. Since then we have demonstrated significant reductions and are on track to achieve 34% reduction by 2020.