Magellan Aerospace Announces R66 WSPS™ Kit

February 22, 2018

Toronto, Ontario – February 22, 2018 – Magellan Aerospace (“Magellan”) and Robinson Helicopter Company (“Robinson”) announced today that a Wire Strike Protection System™ (WSPS™) is now available for the Robinson R66 helicopter platform.
The WSPS™ is designed to provide a measure of protection for helicopters in level flight in the event of an encounter with horizontally strung wires and cables, using the concept of guiding wires over the fuselage into high tensile steel cutting blades. The R66 WSPS™ system is comprised of an upper cutter, lower cutters, and a windshield deflector.
Magellan’s R66 WSPS™ platform is available as a field kit option for all R66 helicopters. Factory provisions are available on new helicopters to simplify field installation. A comprehensive aftermarket kit, including the internal provisions, will be available from Magellan’s authorized distributors (, to retrofit in-service R66 helicopters.”
“We are excited to announce the R66 WSPS™ kit, which is the product of the combined expertise of both Magellan Aerospace and Robinson. This new kit is a remarkable achievement. Magellan has been making and delivering WSPS kits since 1980, and has established itself as the global expert for this unique product and technology”, said David O’Connor, Division Manager Defence and Space Products, Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg.
“Robinson and Magellan engineering worked in partnership to develop an R66-specific installation that is simple, lightweight, and meets all industry-standard wire protection criteria. We look forward to offering the WSPS™ option to our future and existing Robinson customers,” said Peter Riedl, Vice President of Engineering, Robinson Helicopters.

About Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace is a global aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defence and space agencies worldwide. Magellan designs and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and components for aerospace markets, advanced proprietary products for military and space markets, and provides engine and component repair and overhaul services worldwide. Magellan is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MAL), with operating units throughout North America, Europe, and India.

For Information:

David O’Connor
Division Manager, Defence and Space Products
Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg

Ph. +1 204 775 8331



Magellan Aerospace Announces R66 WSPS™ Kit
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