The Value of People

At Magellan we believe one truth: People create value. Employees are our greatest resource in working towards a successful future.

Together we build professional relationships that thrive. We know that personal development is fundamental to the success of every individual, and every individual is fundamental to the success of our business. When you’re part of Magellan, you’re part of a team.

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Magellan Employees

Real people making vital decisions

Our value system and corporate culture always encourages the ethic of principled individuals.

Magellan is committed to providing a workplace where all employees are inspired to maximize their potential and fully contribute to organizational success.

Magellan’s environment provides a workplace that is, fair, supportive, free of discrimination, and responsive in understanding and working with diversity.

Everyone has equal opportunity based on merit, knowledge, experience, and productive utilization of skills.

All business decisions & dealings are based on the principles of, honesty, integrity, and ethical codes of behaviour.

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Our Management

Magellan always works towards being the best, most reliable, truly innovative high value supplier.

Our customers say:

  • “What attracts me about Magellan are the people and the relationships”
  • “They have an open communicative management team”
  • “To serve our clients and build stronger teams we listen, engage and collaborate”

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Working at Magellan

Employees at Magellan take great pride in their work and contributions to a critical industry.

Our team has developed

  • An efficient Magellan Operating System™ (MOS™):
  • A set of management decision processes that cover all aspects of the business from pre-bid to post-delivery
  • A recognized framework allowing our innovative people to thrive
  • A system designed to increase operational effectiveness

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