It’s not just about the products Magellan manufactures now. It’s also about the products that we can manufacture.

Magellan’s aerostructure products range in size from small intricate machined details to single one-piece spars more 18 metres in length. Our capabilities and fully integrated global supply chain allow us to design, build, treat, fully assemble, and test our products. Then we deliver them directly to our customers at their required point of use, anywhere in the world. 


  • High-speed small prismatic machining and long bed machining
  • Large multi-spindle gantry machining
  • High-volume, multi-pallet machining
  • State-of-the-art Advanced Composite Manufacturing and Assembly facility
  • Clean room, precision milling machines, laser NDI, CMM inspection and autoclaves
  • Sub-assemblies and large, complex finished assemblies
  • Small part machining, assembly and processing at low cost sites


  • Landing gear systems
  • Wing ribs, spars and skins
  • Bulkheads and fuselage components
  • Tailcone assemblies
  • Composite wing and fairing structures
  • Horizontal and vertical stabilizers
  • Plug and nozzle
  • Exhaust systems
  • Crown modules
  • Vane box and transition duct

Specialty Materials

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Major Assemblies

Magellan Aerospace is a Tier 1 supplier of major aircraft assemblies for commercial and defense industries worldwide. We operate in a proprietary market segment with capabilities that are both product-based and process driven, and a manufacturing life cycle that goes from cradle to grave. Our highly integrated design and manufacturing capabilities provide a diverse service […]

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Magellan’s consolidated global centres of excellence lead the industry in high volume machining of complex hard metal aerospace components.  Components are manufactured using traditional methods and traditional fabrication: sheet metal, welding, machining and braising, all at maximum temperatures. Predominantly manufactured of aluminum and lithium alloy, and some stainless steel, typical components range from under 2 […]

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