Magellan is dedicated to a continuous investment in advanced technologies for the manufacturing of aerostructures components and assemblies. Our commitment produces increasingly higher levels of product complexity and supply chain integration responsibility.

Typical products are machined metallic and composite components and assemblies complimented by:

Typical products:

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Design for manufacture
  • Subsystems integration
  • Stress analysis
  • Testing and certification services

More specific products:

  • Landing gear systems
  • Wing ribs and spars
  • Bulkheads and fuselage components
  • Tailcone assemblies
  • Composite wing and fairing structures

Machining & Assembly

Magellan’s aerostructures machining capabilities are recognized for its expertise in high speed aluminum and hard metals matching.

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Our consolidated centers-of-excellence focus on providing cost effective solutions for customer needs.


Magellan has been producing composites for many years and our expertise continues to grow with advances in new technology, materials and processes.

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Magellan Aerospace is a centre of excellence for the production of machine, complex composites and assemblies utilizing:

  • Carbon / Epoxy
  • Carbon / BMI

The company has invested in an advanced composites manufacturing and assembly centre that houses multiple best-in-class technologies in a single, environmentally controlled facility.

  • Environmentally controlled area to 20° ± 2°C (68° ± 4°)
  • Precision milling machine (PMM) environmentally controlled to 20° ± 2°C (68° ± 4°)
  • Full machine controlled precision trimming and drilling of composite and assembled structures
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Integrated pallet system for PMM and CMM
  • Zoller tool preset and balancing
  • CNC cloth cutting
  • Laser ply locating
  • 100,000 lb class clean room for layup
  • Autoclave curing
  • Post-cure ovens
  • In-house testing
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic inspection test
    • Laser UT ultrasonic inspection
    • PE and TTU water scanner
    • Immersion tank
    • FPI

Typical products:

  • Complex flight critical control surfaces and assemblies
  • Load bearing access panels
  • Composite spars and skins