Supply Chain

Magellan provides supply chain integration by combining core capabilities with global supply chain expertise.

Investment in joint ventures in India enables efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions for customers. Maintaining a competitive and viable supply chain is a critical element of Magellan’s strategy.


How to Become a Magellan Supplier

The ideal Magellan supplier is a strategic long term partner and an industry leader in their area of expertise. Magellan suppliers will thrive to achieve best value at all times; value being defined as quality, delivery and competitive cost. Suppliers will be diverse and integrate direction towards Magellan’s long term business goals.

As Magellan expands global operations, they are pursuing qualified suppliers to partner with. Our relationships embody similar values such as common ethics and conduct as well as long term commitment to the aerospace industry at large.

The Ideal Magellan Supplier is:

  • A strategic long term partner
  • An industry leader in their expertise
  • Thrives to achieve best value at all times (quality, delivery, competitive cost)
  • Diverse supplier, willing to integrate direction towards Magellan’s long term business goals
  • Embodies similar ethics and conduct
  • Long term commitment to aerospace