Magellan’s team can develop new rocket motors systems to meet custom applications or tailor an existing design to meet specific mission requirements. Our plant has the ability to develop, mix, cast and cure rocket propellant.

CRV7 Rocket Weapon System

The CRV7 is the leading 2.75”, 70mm unguided rocket system available today. Over 800,000 CRV7 rocket motors have been produced for 13 nations globally.

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The system includes rocket motors, launchers and warheads in various models, depending upon mission objectives. With 99% reliability, more than 800,000 CRV7 rocket motors have been produced for 13 nations around the world.


  • Superior accuracy
  • Greater stand-off distances
  • Higher kinetic energy (fixed-wing / helicopter)
  • Rocket motors, launchers and warheads in various models

The CRV7 Rocket System (Unguided) is available in two versions:

  • C15 – Designed for fixed wing operators
  • C17 – Optimized for helicopter operators

Black Brant Rockets

Black Brant is a solid propellant rocket system in single and multistage configurations.

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Since 1962 more than 1,000 Black Brants have been launched with a vehicle success rate above 98%. It is the most reliable, cost-effective and available sounding rocket to carry experiments to the fringes of space.


  • Payloads of 70-850 kg
  • Altitudes of 150 km to more than 1500 km
  • Launched from conventional boom rails or four fin towers
  • Provides up to 20 minutes of time for microgravity experiments, aurora studies, deep space observations, and other extraterrestrial research
  • Comprehensive range of vehicle/payload designs and fabrications

Support Services / Facilities:

  • Mission feasibility and definition
  • Payload/hardware design and fabrication
  • Experiment integration
  • Environmental testing
  • Mission analysis
  • Launch services and range crew support
  • Project management

Booster Motors

Magellan designs and manufactures booster motors for unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles.

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Magellan’s CL89 and CL289 booster motors were produced for the German and French Armed Forces. More than 3,500 motors were delivered, and not a single motor failure was reported.

Magellan also supplies the US Army with a booster motor for the MQM-107 aerial target.

Missile Fins & Control Systems

Magellan manufactures various missile fins and control surfaces.

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Our combination of special materials and expert processes result in the resistance of the wide thermal vibration loads experienced during acceleration.

Specific expertise:

  • Vacuum brazing
  • Welding of complex honeycomb structures using nickel/titanium alloys and molybdenum

Recent manufacturing:

  • Dorsal fins for the Raytheon Standard Missile (most recently the SM-6 variant)
  • Control surfaces for AMRAAM missile
  • Wings, elevens, ventral, and dorsal fins for the Lockheed Martin RATTLRS program