Magellan Announces Report on Voting Results

May 2, 2017

Mississauga, Ontario – May 2, 2017 – Magellan Aerospace Corporation (the “Corporation”) announces that today at the annual meeting of shareholders of the Corporation (the “Meeting”) the proposed nominees for directors of the Corporation received the following votes:

Name of Proposed Nominee Votes For Percentage of Votes For Votes Withheld Percentage of Votes Withheld
N. Murray Edwards 50,066,497 99.13% 440,218 0.87%
Beth M. Budd Bandler 50,412,880 99.81% 93,835 0.19%
James S. Butyniec 50,334,139 99.69% 158,800 0.31%
William G. Davis 50,390,997 99.77% 115,718 0.23%
William A. Dimma 50,391,030 99.77% 115,685 0.23%
Bruce W. Gowan 50,379,416 99.75% 127,299 0.25%
Larry G. Moeller 50,330,980 99.65% 175,735 0.35%
Steven Somerville 50,398,762 99.79% 107,265 0.21%
Phillip C. Underwood 50,350,782 99.69% 155,933 0.31%

As a result, all of the above named nominees have been elected to hold office for the ensuing year, or until their successors are duly elected or appointed, subject to the provisions of the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) and by-laws of the Corporation.

About Magellan Aerospace:

Magellan Aerospace is one of the world’s most integrated aerospace industry suppliers. Magellan designs, engineers, and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and components for aerospace markets, advanced products for military and space markets, and complementary specialty products. Magellan is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MAL), with operating units throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Northern Ireland, and Poland.

For additional information:

Phillip C. Underwood
Chief Executive Officer
Magellan Aerospace Corporation
T : +1 (905) 677-1889

Elena M. Milantoni
Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Secretary
Magellan Aerospace Corporation
T: +1 (905) 677-1889


Magellan Announces Report on Voting Results
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